CRV 2005: Special Session on Intelligent Systems

The commercial use of computer vision in applications such as non-destructive evaluation, biometrics (face identification), and medical image analysis has greatly expanded over the last years. However, most of these applications have a very limited scope and thus they are not embedded in what might be called an intelligent system.

There is a strong link between human intelligence and perception, and the sense of vision represents our main source of gathering information about the surrounding world. Therefore, in the near future, intelligent systems based on computer vision should be able to handle real-time critical tasks in various fields including, but not limited to interventional planning and assistance in medicine, senior home care, surveillance of extended premises etc.

This session encourages submission of papers reporting original contributions to the development of new applications, techniques, and concepts in the field of computer-vision based intelligent systems.

Prof. Denis Laurendeau, Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory, Laval University
Prof. Alexandra Branzan Albu, Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory, Laval University