Lifetime Achievement Awards


The Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS) Lifetime Achievement Awards are given annually for a lifetime of major contributions to the field in terms of either research or service to the community. Each year, an awards committee comprised of CIPPRS executive and CRV program co-chairs convenes to select one-two winners.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Research

  • 2023 - Inna Sharf
  • 2019 - David Fleet
  • 2018 - David Lowe
  • 2017 - Michael Langer
  • 2016 - Allan Jepson
  • 2015 - Demetri Terzopoulos
  • 2014 - Jim Clark
  • 2013 - Larry Matthies
  • 2012 - Sven Dickinson
  • 2011 - Richard Szeliski
  • 2010 - David Clausi

Lifetime Achievement Award - Service

  • 2023 - Ryan Gariepy
  • 2019 - Steven L. Waslander
  • 2018 - Michael Langer
  • 2017 - David Meger
  • 2016 - Philippe Giguere
  • 2015 - Tim Barfoot
  • 2014 - Greg Mori
  • 2013 - Mark Fiala
  • 2012 - Richard T. Vaughan
  • 2006 - Fathallah Nouboud

Lifetime Achievement Award - Research and Service

  • 2020 John Barron
  • 2011 Frank Ferrie
  • 2010 Gregory Dudek
  • 2009 Ioannis Rekleitis
  • 2008 Gerhard Roth
  • 2007 Steven Beauchemin
  • 2006 John Tsotsos and Hong Zhang
  • 2005 Michael Jenkin and James J. Little

CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award


The Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS) John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award is given annually to the top Ph.D. thesis in the areas covered by the Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV). The PhD graduate award winners will be invited to present their thesis work as an Invited Talk at the next CRV conference.

In 2020 the CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award was renamed the CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award to celebrate the contributions of John Barron, a colleague working in computer vision who passed away in 2019. John Barron completed his PhD at the University of Toronto under John Tsotsos where he was in the same student cohort with Greg Dudek, David Fleet, Ron Gershon, Michael Jenkin and Dave Wilkes. John was a well respected colleague and friend to all who knew him. He was an ardent supporter of computer vision in Canada and of CIPPRS. John Barron was a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario for over 30 years.


The thesis must be from a Canadian institution, and it must be finalized (final thesis copy submitted for graduation) during the calendar year of the award (between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31). The topics of the thesis must be within the scope of the CRV conference -- e.g. computer vision, robot vision, robotics, medical imaging, image processing or pattern recognition.


The nomination must be made by the thesis supervisor(s). Nominations must include:

  • a recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor(s)
  • a URL linking to the complete thesis
  • the student's Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications.

The deadline for nominations for the 2023 is March 04, 2024. Nominations should be sent to the Awards Committee chair, Prof. Michael Jenkin ( The committee also includes Program Chairs for the CRV 2024 conference.

Previous Winners


  • CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    He Zhao, York University
    Thesis: "Video Understanding: A Predictive Analytics Perspective"


  • CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Mahmoud Afifi, York University
    Thesis: "Image Color Correction, Enhancement, and Editing"

  • CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Sandeep Manjanna, McGill University
    Thesis: "Multi-robot Planning Strategies for Non-myopic Spatial Sampling"


  • CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Amir Rasouli, York University
    Thesis: "The Role of Context in Understanding and Predicting Pedestrian Behavior in Urban Traffic Scenes"

  • CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Mrigank Rochan, University of Manitoba
    Thesis: "Efficient Deep Learning Models for Video Abstraction"


  • CIPPRS John Barron Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Calden Wloka, York University
    Thesis: "An Evaluation of Saliency and Its Limits"


  • CIPPRS 2018 Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Aïcha BenTaieb, Simon Fraser University (SFU)
    Thesis: "Analyzing Cancers in Digitized Histopathology Images"

  • CIPPRS 2018 Doctoral Dissertation Award:
    Yannick Hold-Geoffrey, Laval University
    Thesis: "Learning Geometric and Lighting Priors from Natural Images"


  • CIPPRS/Element AI 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Award (sponsored by Element AI):
    Colin Brown, Simon Fraser University (SFU)
    Thesis: "Modelling and Prediction of Neurodevelopment in Preterm Infants using Structural Connectome Data"

  • CIPPRS/Trans-Plan 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Award (sponsored by Trans-Plan):
    Jonathan Gammell, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS)
    Thesis: "Informed Anytime Search of Continuous Planning Problems"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2016
    Dr. Anqi Xu
    McGill University
    Thesis: "Efficient Collaboration with Trust-Seeking Robots"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2016 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Mani Monajjemi
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "End-To-End and Direct Human-Flying Robot Interaction"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015
    Dr. Masoud S. Nosrati
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "Prior Knowledge for Targeted Object Segmentation in Medical Images"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2015 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Emmanuel Piuze
    McGill University
    Thesis: "The Geometry of Cardiac Myofibers"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2014
    Dr. Zahra Karimaghaloo
    McGill University
    Thesis: "Hierarchical Adaptive Voxel and Textural Conditional Random Field for Enhanced Pathology Segmentation"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2014 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Yogesh Girdhar
    McGill University
    Thesis: "Unsupervised Semantic Perception, Summarization, and Autonomous Exploration for Robots in Unstructured Environments"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013
    Dr. Tian Lan
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "From Flat to Hierarchical: Modeling Structures in Visual Recognition"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Chi Hay Tong
    University of Toronto
    Thesis: "Laser-based 3D Mapping and Navigation in Planetary Worksite Environments"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2012
    Dr. Mikhail Sizintsev
    York University
    Thesis: "On 3D Spacetime Oriented Energy Representation for Spatiotemporal Stereo and Motion Recovery"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2012 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Maryam Sadeghi
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "Towards Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancer: Computer-Aided Analysis of Dermoscopy Images"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2011
    Dr. Andrew Delong
    University of Western Ontario
    Thesis: "Advances in Graph-Cut Optimization: Multi-Surface Models, Label Costs, and Hierarchical Costs"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2011 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Chris McIntosh
    Simon Fraser University
    Thesis: "Energy Functionals: Choices And Consequences For Medical Image Segmentation"


  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2010
    Dr. Alex Levinshtein
    University of Toronto
    Thesis: "Low and Mid-level Shape Priors For Image Segmentation"

  • CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2010 Honourable Mention
    Dr. Kostantinos G. Derpanis
    York University
    Thesis: "On the Role of Representation in the Analysis of Visual Spacetime"

Computer Vision and Robotics Best Paper Awards


The Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS) hosts the annual Computer and Robot Vision conference and awards best papers in the categories of Computer Vision and Robotics. Each year, an awards committee comprised of the program co-chairs, and a world renowned researcher in Robotics and Computer Vision review the top papers from the conference to select the winners.

CRV Best Paper Awards

  • 2023 Best Robotics Paper:
    Jordy Sehn, Yuchen Wu, and Timothy D. Barfoot (University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies), "Along Similar Lines: Local Obstacle Avoidance for Long-term Autonomous Path Following."
  • 2023 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Xingzhe He, Bastian Wandt, Helge Rhodin (University of British Columbia), "LatentKeypointGAN: Controlling Images via Latent Keypoints."
  • 2022 Best Robotics Paper:
    Xiule Fan, Soo Jeon, Baris Fidan (University of Waterloo), "Occlusion-Aware Self-Supervised Stereo Matching with Confidence Guided Raw Disparity Fusion."
  • 2022 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Zobeir Raisi, John Zelek (University of Waterloo), "Occluded Text detection and Recognition in the Wild."
  • 2021 Best Robotics Paper:
    Alexandru-Iosif Toma (Imperial College London, United Kingdom), Hao-Ya Hsueh (Ryerson University, Canada), Hussein Ali Jaafar (Ryerson University, Canada), Riku Murai (Imperial College London, United Kingdom), Paul H.J. Kelly (Imperial College London, United Kingdom), Sajad Saeedi (Ryerson University, Canada), "PathBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Classical and Learned Path Planning Algorithms."
  • 2021 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Anas Mahmoud (University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Canada), Steven L. Waslander (University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Canada), "Sequential Fusion via Bounding Box and Motion PointPainting for 3D Objection Detection."
  • 2020 Best Robotics Paper:
    Dominic Baril, Vincent Grondin, Simon-Pierre Deschênes, Johann Laconte, Maxime Vaidis, Vladimir Kubelka, André Gallant, Philippe Giguère, François Pomerleau (University of Laval), "Evaluation of Skid-Steering Kinematic Models for Subartic Environments."
  • 2020 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Gong Cheng (York University), Yue Wang ( Dalian University of Technology), Yiming Qian (York University), James Elder (York University), "Geometry-Guided Adaptation for Road Segmentation."
  • 2019 Best Robotics Paper:
    Bhavit Patel, Michael Warren, Angela P. Schoellig (University of Toronto), "Point Me In The Right Direction: Improving Visual Localization on UAVs with Active Gimballed Camera Pointing."
  • 2019 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Xin Huang, Mingjie Wang, Minglun Gong (University of Guelph), "Hierarchically-fused Generative Adversarial Network for Text to Realistic Image Synthesis."
  • 2018 Best Robotics Paper:
    Brendan Duke, Graham W. Taylor (University of Guelph), "Generalized Hadamard-Product Fusion Operators for Visual Question Answering."
  • 2018 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Leonid Koppel, Steven L. Waslander (University of Waterloo), "Manifold Geometry with Fast Automatic Derivatives and Coordinate Frame Semantics Checking in C++."
  • 2017 Best Robotics Paper:
    Bao Xin Chen, Raghavender Sahdev, and John K. Tsotsos, "Person Following Robot Using Selected Online Ada-Boosting with Stereo Camera."
  • 2017 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    M. A. Helala and F.Z. Qureshi, "Fast Estimation of Large Displacement Optical Flow Using Dominant Motion Patterns and Sub-Volume PatchMatch Filtering."
  • 2017 Computer Vision Paper Honourable Mention:
    Mengliu Zhao, Brandon Miles and Ghassan Hamarneh, "Leveraging Tree Statistics for Extracting Anatomical Trees from 3D Medical Images."
  • 2016 Best Robotics Paper:
    Tyler Daoust, Francois Pomerleau and Timothy Barfoot, "Light at the End of the Tunnel: High-Speed, Lidar-Based Train Localization in Challenging Underground Environments."
  • 2016 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Md Atiqur Rahman and Yang Wang, "Learning Neural Networks with Ranking-based Losses for Action Retrieval."
  • 2015 Best Robotics Paper:
    Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Mirela Popa, Antonio J. Rodriguez-Sanchez, Justus Piater, "CPS: 3D Compositional Parts Segmentation through Grasping."
  • 2015 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Mirza Tahir Ahmed, Mustafa Mohamad, Joshua A. Marshall, and Michael Greenspan, "Registration of Noisy Point Clouds using Virtual Interest Points."
  • 2014 Best Robotics Paper:
    Chris J. Ostafew, Angela P. Schoellig, Timothy D. Barfoot, Jack Collier, "Speed Daemon: Experience-based Mobile Robot Speed Scheduling."
  • 2014 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Parthipan Siva, Alexander Wong, "Grid Seams: A fast superpixel algorithm for real-time applications."
  • 2013 Best Robotics Paper:
    Jimmy Tran, Alex Ufkes, Alex Ferworn, and Mark Fiala, "3D Disaster Scene Reconstruction Using a Canine- Mounted RGB-D Sensor."
  • 2013 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Damien Teney and Justus Piater, "Continuous Pose Estimation in 2D Images at Instance and Category Levels."
  • 2013 Best Student Paper:
    Timothy Drews, Paul Kry, James Forbes, and Clark Verbrugge, "Sequential Pose Estimation Using Linearized Rotation Matrices."
  • 2012 Best Robotics Paper:
    Gregory Broten, David Mackay and Jack Collier, "Probabilistic Obstacle Detection using 2 1/2 D Terrain Maps."
  • 2012 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Marius Muja and David G. Lowe, "Fast Matching of Binary Features."
  • 2012 Best Student Paper:
    Amin Haji-Abolhassani and James J. Clark, "Information Fusion in Visual-Task Inference."
  • 2011 Best Robotics Paper:
    Guanghui Wang, John Zelek and Jonathan Wu, "Spatial-and-Temporal-Weighted Structure From Motion."
  • 2011 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Jeremy Kuzub, Youssef Mebarki and Anthony Whitehead, "Improved Pressure Sensitive Paint Measurement using Natural Feature Tracking and Piecewise Linear Resection."
  • 2011 Best Student Paper:
    Changhai Xu, Jingen Liu, and Benjamin Kuipers, "Motion Segmentation by Learning Homography Matrices from Motor Signals."
  • 2010 Best Robotics Paper:
    David Gingras, Tom Lamarche, Erick Dupuis and Jean-Luc Bedwani, "Rough Terrain Reconstruction for Rover Motion Planning."
  • 2010 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Mohand Said Allili, Djemel Ziou, Nizar Bouguila amd Sabri Boutemedjet, "Unsupervised Feature Selection and Learning for Image Segmentation."
  • 2010 Best Student Paper:
    Ting Yu and Jochen Lang, "Window-Based Range Flow with an Isometry Constraint."
  • 2009 Best Paper:
    Dan Levi and Shimon Ullman, "Learning Model Complexity in an Online Environment."
  • 2009 Best Robotics Paper:
    Junaed Sattar and Geogory Dudek, "A Vision-Based Control and Interaction Framework for a Legged Underwater Robot."
  • 2009 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Alexander Wong, David Clausi and Paul Fieguth, "Adaptive Monte Carlo Retinex Method for Illumination and Reflectance Separation and Color Image Enhancement."
  • 2009 Best Student Paper:
    Adam Fourney and Richard Mann, "Non-Accidental Features for Gesture Spotting."
  • 2008 Best Paper:
    Joseph Lam, Michael Greenspan, "Eye-in-hand Visual Servoing for Accurate Shooting in Pool Robotics."
  • 2008 Best Robotics Paper:
    Alexander Andreopoulos and John K. Tsotsos, "Active Vision for Door Localization and Door Opening using Playbot: A Computer Controlled Wheelchair for People with Mobility Impairments."
  • 2008 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Parisa Davish, Zadek Varchie, Michael Sulls-Lavoie and Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau, "An Efficient Region-Based Background Subtraction Technique."
  • 2007 Best Paper:
    Ehsan Fazl Ersi and John S. Zelek, "Local Graph Matching for Object Category Recognition."
  • 2007 Best Robotics Paper:
    Yehia T. Kotb, Steven S. Beauchemin, John L. Barron, "Petri Net-Based Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems."
  • 2007 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture and Michael Langer, "Can Lucas-Kanade be used to estimate motion parallax in 3D cluttered scenes?."
  • 2007 Best Student Paper:
    Mohand Said Allili, Nizar Bouguila and Djemel Ziou, "Finite Generalized Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Applications to Image and Video Foreground Segmentation."
  • 2006 Best Paper:
    Dan Levi and Shimon Ullman, "Learning to Classify by Ongoing Feature Selection."
  • 2006 Best Robotics Paper:
    Robert Sim, Pantelis Elinas, Matt Griffin, Alex Shyr and James J. Little, "Design and Analysis of a Framework for Real-Time Vision-Based SLAM using Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filters."
  • 2006 Best Computer Vision Paper:
    Weihua Xiong and Brian Funt, "Stereo Retinex."
  • 2006 Best Student Paper:
    Aniket Murarka, Joseph Modayil, Benjamin Kuipers, "Local Safety Maps for a Wheelchair Robot using Vision and Lasers."
  • 2005 Best Paper:
    Christian Bauckhage, John Tsotsos and Frank Bunn, "Detecting Abnormal Gait."
  • 2005 Best Medical Imaging Paper:
    Xiaoxing Li and Ghassan Hamarneh, "Modeling Prior Shape and Appearance Knowledge in Watershed Segmentation."
  • 2005 Best Robotics Paper:
    Dimitri Marinakis and Gregory Dudek, "Topology Inference for a Vision-Based Sensor Network."
  • 2005 Best Early Vision Paper:
    Ady Ecker and Shimon Ullman, "A Hierarchical Non-Parametric Method for Capturing Non-Rigid Deformations."